100% Pure Acai Berry Video Review – Evolution Slimming

Have you heard about 100% Pure Açaí Berry from Evolution Slimming yet? It’s a fantastic, premium quality health supplement with powerful antioxidant properties. It’s the only açaí berry capsule that has been officially reviewed by the Sunday Express, where it was given an outstanding review helping editor Victoria Gray lose a whopping 7lbs of weight. She was often told on her skin had a healthier glow and her hair looked really shiny. She also reported having better sleep and an increase in energy levels. However, not all açaí berry products you read about are the same, with Evolution Slimming we guarantee you one 100% pure açaí berry fruit. Many shops offer açaí berry extract, which is not the same as pure açaí berry fruit. Let me show you the difference between an extract and the real deal pure fruit. As you can see, there’s an incredible amount of real fruit inside each capsule. Now compare with this extract capsule… [Breaks open capsule] …you can see that the difference is undeniable. It’s amazing how much pure fruit Evolution Slimming packs into each capsule.

You can easily see the difference between the açaí extract and the pure açaí berry, pure should be dark purple; NOT brown or a gel capsule which contains mostly oil as filler. If you bought açaí berry elsewhere & it didn’t work, this could be the reason why. All the testimonials found on this website are from real people, just like you. Evolution Slimming’s pure açaí berry is 100% guaranteed to contain no hidden fillers, bulking agents or caffeine. Evolution Slimming is a genuine UK based company based in Kent.

All payments are one hundred per cent secure and all orders are dispatched without delay. When you buy 100% Açaí berry from Evolution Slimming, you can rest assured you’re buying the 100% Pure fruit with no hidden surprises. This quality product is available exclusively from this website or by calling us on 0845 459 2540 (UK) This is not available in stores. So why not give it a go today and see what Evolution Slimming’s Pure Açaí berry could do for you?

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